A Rough drawing is, Prove Black Shark 3 Has Three rear camera


Black Shark, under the flag of Xiaomi is to release the handset-gaming-at the latest at the 3. March 2020 in China. Of course, before the Start, the leaked smartphone is constantly scrolling in the virtual world. Yes! The latest leak Black Shark 3 in connection with a rough drawing that appeared on the internet.

The owner of the account @xiaomishka is on Twitter, the only the back of the Black shark 3 show. We can see that smartphone gaming will have a three camera setup on the back, which is compiled into a module-shaped triangle with an obtuse angle.

Yes! A rough drawing of the back of the Black Shark 3 is not divided by @xiaomishka, especially with the design of the module, the camera looks different with Black Shark 3 in a teaser video, the Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. The module-camera charging and the LED lighting effect to start.

Speaking of charging, previous leaks indicate that the Black Shark 3 is also a magnet supported with the solution of the load in the form of a pin. Therefore, the handset is equipped with a magnetic bolt in the back, placed just below the three cameras are positioned to resemble a triangle.

Other highlights that are not less interesting is the listener’s gaming latest from Black Shark, the support of the “mechanical pop-up-shoulder-Trigger”. Yes! Better magnets and the mechanical pop-up-shoulder charge in the form of a pin-to-Trigger is the solution offered by the Black Shark, to provide comfort for gamers.

Back to the cameras on the Black Shark the 3, just a little info about the current trio camera. Speculations are that the Black Shark 3 is a main-lens 64 MP. While the details of the hardware of the other, Black Shark 3 is said to be available in standard and Pro version.

Yes! The only difference is that it was confirmed, associated with the presence of Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro, both come with the support of a capacity battery that is different. Black Shark 3 is equipped with a battery 4.720 mAh, while the Black Shark 3 Pro has a battery of 5,000 mAh.

If it has a battery capacity of various rumors, which mention previously in circulation, that the two models are the solution to share a fast charge with power 65W. The other equations, including the refresh rate of the screen of 120 Hz, SoC Snapdragon 865, RAM up to 16 GB, support 3.5 mm audio Jack and port-type-C.