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Known to most of her main role in the saga. dystopia The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence Turning 33 today, she’s come a long way from four movies lived as Katniss Everdeen.

Having become a mother exactly one year ago with her husband Cook Maroney, the actress has once again captured everyone’s attention brighter than ever, showing off a series of looks that everyone is now talking about. And he does this while waiting with the minimalist and extremely chic style that has become trending as “quiet luxury” for the premieres that promote it around the world. No hard feelings, of which she is the producer as well as the co-protagonist. Undisputed protagonists her beauty looks framed by voluminous and shiny hair a precious honey blonde accentuated by pretty nude makeup carefully studied to accentuate the geometry of her face.

Totally new to blonde, the star has ditched her natural color to indulge in darker shades in shades of brown and copper brown, and has been moving to the lightest color of the palette for 10 years now, experimenting with nearly every shade. Initially with fairly thick Y2K streaks, then more subtle and natural highlights that soon evolved into a decidedly dramatic icy blonde, Jennifer Lawrence explored cool and warm tones, blending them into haircuts of all sizes and shapes. Unforgettable were her helmets, which, asymmetrical or with tufts on the sides of the face, went to all possible lengths, falling straight or screwing into thin curls. To make her committed to constant change, she went for the first truly radical hairdo: a pixie cut with highlights and a front bun, which was sported in 2013 during a promotion. american hustle. Since then, Lawrence has spent the last decade constantly trying new hairstyles, which between color change, haircuts and hairstylesthey never made one outfit the same as another.

One of the hottest trends for summer 2023, a precious honey blonde created by the expert hands of Gregory Russell, is not the only transformation Jennifer is enjoying today, making her radiant like never before. In the “before and after” that fills social media, one of the details that immediately pops up is the new shape given to the actress’s eyebrows, once decidedly low and flat, but now wearing gull wings instead. Because of this, her gaze and her mostly closed eyes appear to be more uplifted, possibly also due to aesthetic medicine surgery on her upper face, as various users have speculated. What is certain is that a simple change in shape alone can have a big impact on improving the facial features of each person. However, in terms of makeup, there has been a phasing out of black smokey eyes and heavily pigmented lipsticks in favor of more neutral colors. Together with the hair, this harmonization of colors with warmer undertones proves to be successful as it is able to bring out Jennifer’s complexion.

On the occasion of his 33rd birthday, let’s follow the changes that have taken place over the past decade, from the most recent beauty looks to 2013. In total, through a collection of 33 photos that confirm us as a new hair color associated with make nude- and definitely an easy chic outfit, be it a winning one.

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