A series not to be missed in September, great returns

There are several TV series that we advise you not to miss in September. In fact, there will be some long-awaited gains. Are you interested in knowing which ones exactly? There are so many series that you can’t miss.

September: Everything worth watching: a series you can’t miss

This is definitely one of those series that you can’t miss a single episode of. Changeling: New York fairy tale. This is a series based on a book Victor La Valle. Events take place in New York. The main character is a used bookseller who is dealing with the sudden death of his wife Emma. A woman recently gave birth to her first child.

Obviously, the bookseller immediately tries to track her down, but ends up in a kind of noir with unexpected encounters that open up exciting horror scenarios. Another series that will keep you glued to your TV: Morning showthis is obviously the third and final season.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

Here we are witnessing the merging of show business with journalism, and the threat is both a hacker attack and, obviously, beauty. Jennifer Aniston is changing things up. Also Another black girl The story centers on Rogers, a publishing assistant and the only African-American employee. However, it was with the arrival of an African-American colleague like her that a series of misfortunes began for her.

Another series worth watching

Paramount has another series that comedy fans should watch. Life like Carlo. This season, the actor finally abandons the idea of ​​becoming the mayor of Rome. There is clearly no shortage of laughter: the actor’s sympathy is off the charts. Also in the second season we will see new faces already well known in the world of entertainment: Claudia Gerini, as well as the great actor and director Gabriele Muccino and Christian De Sica.

Also very attention-grabbing Supermodels: with separate episodes dedicated to four of the most famous top models of all time, such as the panther Naomi Campbell, the charming Linda Evangelista, the very sensual Cindy Crawford and the irresistible Christy Turlington. Write down a series that is also worth watching sex education Season 4 is currently underway due to the success achieved, I’m not sleeping yet which is nothing more than an enjoyable romantic comedy and ultimately… No exit this is nothing more than an adaptation of the bestselling novel by Lucy Clarke.

In short, we are spoiled for choice: in September we were finally able to relax in our chair in front of the TV with plenty of popcorn, because there are so many series that they cannot be missed and watched in one sitting. What if you miss some details between one episode and the next? Another reason to see them again!

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