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In the social networks, various marriage proposals went viral. In that sense, most of the time they are romantic or witty scenes. Nevertheless, A salary man came up with the idea of ​​asking his girlfriend to marry him by spraying his car, but she reacted badly and the video went viral on TikTok.

Different marriage requests went viral. There were situations where the protagonists had a special detail with their partner. In general, those in which they take place in an event where their loved ones are present tend to go viral. But there are also those who are more daring and want to do it in a big way and in front of everyone. Something similar, for example, happened last weekend in the run-up to the 2021 Copa Libertadores final.

This time, An American soldier believed his girlfriend would be moved if he spray-painted his girlfriend’s car to propose to her. He thought that he would surprise her with this colorful idea, but in the end the proposal did not have the outcome that the young man expected so much.

The unusual proposal was shared in TikTok, by user @kama_mai_savaii. It was in a series of clips where it is shown how the process was from when the young military man begins to write the car of his beloved, until the exact moment where she discovers what he did for “love.”

In that sense, in the first video, the protagonist is seen with one knee on the floor waiting for his girlfriend’s response. At that moment it is clear that the boy considered that this had been an original and romantic idea, but the young woman did not have the same perception. That is why he asks you: “What did you do to my car? Is this going to go away !? “.

The young American soldier was totally surprised by the attitude of his partner. And when he saw that the atmosphere was heating up and the girl’s surprise began to turn into anger, it is that he tries to calm down by telling her that the paint was removed with water.

At that time, the woman who was in charge of filming the marriage proposal also explains to the young woman that the car would remain intact after taking it to a laundry and that she only thinks about the gesture her boyfriend had. To which the owner of the car totally disengaged responds: “This is not with you, it is between him and me”.

At the end of the sequence, the young woman is seen getting into the car and leaving quickly, while the groom cannot hide his astonishment and is left alone, kneeling and with the ring in his hand. Especially receive an answer by “Yes” or “No”.

The clips quickly went viral on TikTok and other networks. In fact, it currently owns 6.2 million views, plus 318,000 likes, 26,000 comments of users who recommend the soldier to leave his girlfriend and look for a woman who knows how to appreciate his “loving gestures”. For their part, there were also those who pointed out that he had crossed a limit and must have known that his girlfriend would react like this when she saw his car.

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