A Streamer from Twitch Banned After Accidentally Firing a gun During the Live FROM the SATURATED


Had fallen down the stairs, streamer Call of Duty, Carl Riemer, you get the problem, after accidentally firing a gun during the live stream. Although no one was injured in the incident, the account to Twitch, Carl Riemer was suspended, and he was also removed from the list esports organization, Soar-Gaming.

The problem of Carl Riemer began, as he seized the weapon, and demanded an audience to act, “say Iain’t got money”, selagia you pump the gun several times, apparently he does not believe that such weapons included ammunition, he then pulled the trigger and fired into the cans G=fuel-innocent.

You can see the seconds of its occurrence, thanks to the Twitter account @cam834.

In the video, sorry it is in shipment by YouTube, Carl Riemer said that he was “drunk”, if the stream goes on, however, there is in the waking state, guns are not toys and should be treated properly. He also said, if the Soar act should go, and be grateful he’s lucky, because there are no victims: “this is a stupid mistake, but such mistakes can be life-threatening, someone,”he said in the video.