A synopsis anticipates the twist of the episode of Alex Danvers as Supergirl


A couple of months ago we told you that in one of the last episodes of the fifth season of Supergirl Alex Danvers, the sister land of Kara and ex – director of the D. E. O, would assume the role of superheroine in the series.

In that minute we found out some details, but now The CW has revealed the most important point of the chapter in the synopsis of “Alex in Wonderland”.

[Spoilersof[SpoilersdeSupergirl below]


“Alex in Wonderland” will be the episode number 16 of the fifth season of Supergirl and, as it said that the photo published in January by Chyler Leigh, will show Alex wearing the famous symbol of the kryptonians.

However, the synopsis of the chapter confirms what we had advance photos from the set: none of this will happen in the real world and it will all happen in the mind of Alex courtesy of the technology Obsidian North.

As you will recall, Obsidian North is the company, commanded by Andrea Rojas, who is the center of the plot of the fifth season of Supergirl and whose lenses, which are developed by the partner of Alex, Kelly Olsen, and allow people to be transported to a world that is completely virtual.

In this context, the synopsis for the chapter 5×16 of Supergirl says:

Alex takes on a new role: Alex (Chyler Leigh) wears a pair of contact lenses of Obsidian to visit a National City virtual where it acquires a personality completely new. Meanwhile, Kelly (Azie Tesfai) helps William (Staz Nair) to investigate Lex. Kara (Melissa Benoist) deals with news difficult.

For now it is unknown what will be the news “difficult” will have to face Kara, but it is not hard to speculate that it might be something that also affects Alex and that is what motivates the ex-director of the D. E. O to fill the lenses of Obsidian.

A new episode ofSupergirl will premiere this Sunday in the united States.