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It’s normal for sisters to tease each other, and why not, tease each other. even through t-shirts as he did Kim Kardashian with sister Kendall Jenner,

SKIMS founder shares her daughter’s daily routine in a video on TikTok North West A remixed version (almost in playback) about hair care, dancing, joking and singing mary marysong by carlos Santana.

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But more than the infinite amount of products used, what draws attention is the outfit worn by the super-influencer, an oversize black T-shirt that definitely pokes fun. Kendall and his history with NBA players.

Kim Kardashian with T-shirt: “Kendall is starting five”


word play start five (a reference to the early quintet with which basketball teams go on the parquet floor), the T-shirt features a maxi print in the center Kendall Surrounded by five players in uniform: devin booker, Blake Griffin, ben simmons, jordan clarkson And Kyle Kuzma,

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Also, the more observant may have noticed that the same shirt was also worn during the trailer for the third season kardashian, But from where the influential person bought the cloth still remains a mystery. Or if, rather, it was made ad hoc.

Still, this isn’t the first time that Kim has used her clothes to communicate something. For example, during a game Los Angeles Lakers (always on the basketball court) declared his love for nerds by wearing a light tight-fitting T-shirt that read in black capital letters: “I love nerds”.

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