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A talented fan made Destiny 2 weapons in real life

Redditor BigLie7371 caught the attention of fans of Destiny 2 this week after sharing his 3D printed creations of Destiny’s most iconic weapons. Although there are hundreds of weapons to choose from in the game’s arsenal, there are several weapons that stand out from the rest and are easily recognizable to fans.

Next February will arrive the new Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen, which will introduce new exotic weapons to the game. To precede the new season, the classic Gjallarhorn weapon will return to Destiny 2 during a December event, following his initial appearance in the first game. It was known for the Wolf Rounds, which acted like a swarm of small homing missiles after the initial shell exploded. Thorn is another of the most popular weapons, having returned from the original Destiny with Joker’s Wild in Destiny 2. This weapon leaves its targets poisoned for a short period of time after making contact. With so many iconic weapons already in the game, players are likely looking forward to the new weaponry that will appear in The Witch Queen.

BigLie7371 published its collection of weapons from Destiny printed in 3D on reddit, and also shared them on his Instagram account, lazar_kuna. There, fans can find their versions of Hawkmoon, Thorn, Dead Man’s Tale, Witherhoard, and others. As his posts garnered attention on reddit, comments started asking if he was selling these impressions. He has told those interested to DM him on his Instagram. For those wondering which printer you use to make your own, you have answered that you use a Prusa MK3S. His previous posts suggest that he is also an Apex Legends fan, as he also has impressions of the G7 Scout and the Mastiff Shotgun.

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During a recent reveal event where details of the gameplay of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Bungie teased that the game will receive its first and, at the moment, only first-person melee weapon. Swords quickly became a favorite when they were introduced, and only time will tell if the Glaive is just as popular. Artists like Lazar_Kuna have also created some of these melee weapons, but they are certainly not as prevalent as pistols. Perhaps melee weapons will become even more popular with the upcoming DLC, slated for release on February 22.

If the answer to BigLie7371’s weapons are of any use, there is a huge market for replicas in Destiny 2. Bungie already has a helmet to wear on the market, and the Gjallarhorn has a replica mass produced by McFarlane Toys. These real life replicas could be valuable to cosplayers and collectors alike. 3D printing is starting to be used more as an artistic tool, so there may be more 3D printed replicas of popular video game franchises on the horizon.

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