A TF1 star has just announced having lost her baby …


Cindy, the former candidate of “Koh-Lanta”, suffered a miscarriage and announced the sad news on her Instagram account …

Koh-Lanta 2019 finalist, Cindy Poumeyrol is one of the most popular former candidates of the famous TF1 game, hosted by Denis Brogniart. 

The main interested party is indeed followed by more than 388,000 subscribers on her Instagram account, enough to allow her to seek the status of the influencer. 

And her many followers, who love to know everything about her daily life, have also learned, just a few hours ago, that Cindy was, unfortunately, the victim of a miscarriage. 

“Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage the day before my 3-month echo. I will not expand on the subject, these are events that are difficult to manage and which happen to many women.  I put things into perspective by telling myself that I ‘I am lucky to have Alba, to be very fertile and to always have a very nice bond with my husband, “ Alba’s mother wrote on the famous social network. 

“Alba will soon have a little brother or sister,” continued Cindy Poumeyrol, who remains very positive despite this sad event and who continues to work hard for her own brand called Maison Nicole, a boutique line of clothes of which she is not a little proud.