A thousand liters of nitric acid leaked out of a logistics center and the fire department had to isolate the area

Firefighters had to scramble to a logistics station on the Tomkinson and Jose Lupes road after a thousand liters of nitric acid leaked.

The incident happened at 11.30am on Friday.Firemen They sent teams specialized in handling hazardous materials to the site and evacuated workers from the site. In addition, they must also establish a 50-meter separation in the area.

State Fire Service

firefighters at work

They use a vacuum pump to transfer the substance into another tub thereby eliminating possible risks.

State Fire Service

firefighters at work

unregistered no injury.

What is nitric acid?

According to PCC Group, a chemical products sales portal, Nitric acid is a colorless liquid with a very pungent odor and corrosiveness. “When stored for a long time and exposed to high temperatures, it turns yellow due to spontaneous decomposition into nitrogen oxides and water. It easily reacts with many substances and generates heat when dissolved in water. The A big part of the reaction was even explosions.”

“Concentrated nitric acid is very dangerous to health. Contact with the skin can cause severe burns and even necrosis. It attacks the respiratory tract as a vapor, causing swelling and pneumonia,” he added.

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