A TikTok challenge forced British supermarkets to ban the sale of cans of beans

A strange behavior of different groups of young people in Britain, has come to attract the attention of the authorities and has even already been defined with a specific term that seeks to deter the rare trend. It happens that a few months ago it was found that teenage “jokers”, and not so much, seek to leave a message or simply attract attention (from the aggression) by dumping the content of canned beans in public spaces, private cars, school bathrooms and even private addresses.

Events of this type did not go unnoticed by the police. Is that, helped by social networks, those who commit these strange attacks publish them through TikTok. The practice even received the name of “Bean Bandits”. This term refers to inciting other people to commit acts that are considered vandalism if it is taken into account that they imply an attack on the property of others or the spaces that will be shared by others. In addition, they are considered a mockery and are characterized by being eschatological.

Therefore, beyond some people taking these events as something funny or relieving themselves by considering them as a joke, the truth is that the authorities of Britain They are campaigning against the dissemination of this material and are warning parents and business personnel to be attentive to behaviors they may notice in youth groups. What is striking about the case is that a kind of “alert” has also been established regarding people who carry a large quantity of canned beans from the shops.

These days, the authorities are warning citizens to be on the lookout for strange behaviors related to this practice. As it emerged, the police community support officer, Michelle Owens West Yorkshire Police, issued the following statement to the Yorkshire Evening Post: “The police have noticed that a new trend has started by groups of young people called ‘beaning’.

In that sense, the official explained that this implies that young people throw the content of a Beans can about properties. “Very similar to the trend of dumping eggs on properties,” he said. He added: “If you work in a store, can you be aware of young people who buy large quantities of cans of beans? [Y] if you have children living at home, be aware if you see them removing cans of beans from the family home. “

The reality is that on the virtual plane everything seems possible. In fact, those who participate in this questionable practice in TikTok seem to have reached an agreement to use the hashtag #beanbandits (along with #beaning, to a lesser extent). According to the app, videos tagged with #beanbandits have been viewed 1,300,000 times. Also, several clips made in April went viral.

However, despite the large number of reproductions, it is unclear how widespread the broadcast actually is. trend. In general, the hashtag #beanbandits has been used in less than thirty videos on the platform of Chinese origin, although several others proliferate in the application with different labels.


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