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Marvel has begun its journey with the series in real image for Disney + in this 2021. The first to arrive was ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’, then it was the turn of ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, being ‘Loki’ the last one we had seen so far. That will change from November 24 with ‘Eye of the Hawk’, which has everything to be the most successful of all.

At the moment I have been able to see the first two episodes and there is something that transmits ‘Hawkeye’ that was conspicuous by its absence in the rest: the feeling of progression within the MCU. Like it more or less, all the previous ones were motivated in a main way to give a new place to their protagonists within this universe.

All of them did not stop being a way station -with the promise that later it will reach tremendous, yes-, either for Wanda to overcome the loss of Vision, Sam accept that he has to be the new Captain America or that Loki simply finds himself after so many years lurching . With that I do not mean that ‘Hawkeye’ lacks it, because Natasha’s death -and all the suffering she experienced- is noticeable in Clint’s state, but that is one of the elements with which the series plays in instead of giving the feeling that this is their reason for being.

The strengths of ‘Hawkeye’

In fact, ‘Hawkeye’ initially focuses on Kate Bishop, the character played by a highly inspired Hailee steinfeld which, obviously, should have an important weight in what is to come within the MCU. As soon as he enters, he connects directly with the past of this universe to later lay the foundations of an adventure with Christmas spirit that shines from the lightness, but without implying not being able to take seriously anything that happens.

The series is full of small occurrences, some as striking as that hilarious musical number about The Avengers to which the protagonist attends with evident discomfort, which connect quite well with the way of understanding humor in the movies. Here you do not choose to try something different as happened in ‘Eternals’, but nothing happens to try to be a little safe when the scripts are well outlined and the comic also serves to outline the unlikely professional relationship that arises between Hawkeye and Kate.

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There an inevitable dynamic arises between mentor and apprentice, but with him showing reluctance to do so, something that contrasts with her enthusiasm. Many joys that the series gives us come out there -although before both were working very well separately-, with her trying to prove her worth and getting into eggplants that for others would mean certain death.

Steinfeld’s self-confidence – and talent – is essential not so that we create it on paper, but so that it is impossible to imagine another actress like Kate. Kevin Feige commented that it was the studio’s dream choice for the role and it is clear that they were not wrong.

Hawkeye Scene Disney Plus

Of course, I do not want to forget how well the opposition that arises with the way of being of Jeremy renner into a character who controls wonderfully but has hardly ever had a chance to really shine. Here he knows how to take advantage of it and show new nuances due to the influence that Kate exerts on him.

From there comes one of the keys to the series: its tone. With a recognized influence from the comic period written by Matt Fraction and drawn by David Aja, ‘Hawkeye’ is a small miracle balancing all the ingredients that it handles. The threat is much more concrete and localized -there is even a temporal limitation that adds a certain dose of uncertainty- but it does not feel that it is something that can be easily solved either, but also the humor fits very well there, while the Christmas atmosphere feels as an important trait rather than a more or less effective fad.

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All this leads to ‘Hawkeye’ being an example of the best face of Marvel, knowing how to find your personality but without deviating from the limits that this universe establishes. It is true that its most spectacular side is not as enhanced as on other occasions, but here it is something of less importance. What really matters are the two protagonists, being at the same time an adventure of presentation and development.

Other details

Hawkeye Jeremy Renner

From there it is true that one could say that Tony Dalton or Vera Farmiga They have shown that they are capable of much more than what the series requires of them, but they feel comfortable and at ease with their characters. Sometimes that – and the promise that they keep growing – is enough, and it’s one of those cases.

Otherwise, some surprise that I will not reveal and the certainty that there is more to come, a fluid rhythm that makes the episodes fly by – even if you are watching it again and you already know everything that is going to happen – and the feeling that they know very well what they are looking for. I wish the combat scenes were a little more elaborate, but hey, they comply without falling into unnecessary excesses and leave some punctual image of the most attractive.

In short

Hawk Eye

‘Hawkeye’ is cool, and it does it mainly because of the work of its two protagonists, especially Steinfeld, but not only for that -although it is better when it focuses on them-, since it is also great entertainment that flows naturally, knowing how to integrate with great success that lighter side of Marvel cinema. The best of Marvel’s Phase 4 so far.

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