A trainer in one of the Catwalk is Clear, Amorim was invited to give a TV interview, after it featured in a number of headlines!


As soon as you highlighted on the various web portals of news, Clara Amorim, by his profession, and was invited for an interview in the program to fame and notoriety in the Tv site, where he told us about how she became a model, and the model of the teacher as a bridge.

“I take part in a selection in my city, los angeles, and I always had the support of my mother. A few months later, I was living and modeling in san Paulo, Brazil. Years later, I was invited to work at the company Dilson Stein New Models, where I started to give classes on the catwalk, and talks about his or her profession.”

Clara Amorim, was taken care of in São Paulo in a week of intense content, Namie Whiby icon of a High heel, that is, the models like Izabel Goulart, Viviane Orth, among others.

When I was working for the first time in Sao Paulo, I realized that I have a lot to prepare them in the field, but I was on the search for more knowledge. Today, it is one of my goal as a teacher is to design a bridge and develop the templates that you want to start a career.

Clara Amorim also made a point to emphasize that teaching is not only for models, but for the men and women who wish to increase self-esteem, while the offer is in teaching, counselling, and stimulation values, which will lead you to the whole of life.

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Clara Amorim