A voice that became a legend: the biopic with Naomi Ackie premieres on Sky

Whitney – A Voice That Became Legend, the film dedicated to Whitney Huston, will be broadcast tonight – 26 June for the first time on Sky and on demand on NOW. So let’s find out some details about the plot and cast.

In an era where biopics on music legends are ruling the roost – just think about the recent biopics Bohemian Rhapsody, rocket Man And Elvis – Too Whitney Houston He’s got a project dedicated to him, which traces both his extraordinary career and his troubled personal life. feature film titled Whitney – a rumor that became legendTo be aired tonight June 26 – In First look on Sky Cinema Unoat 21:15, E on demand now,

Whitney – a voice that became legend – the story and cast of the biopic about the R&B icon

director kasey lemonsThis biopic traces the extraordinary career of Whitney Huston first step into the world of music, telling how she achieved worldwide success and became an icon for millions of generations. Surname “sound” By Oprah Winfrey, the singer reaches her first historic milestone 1985topped the US charts for 14 weeks. Undisputed pop star and R&B icon, Huston also tries his hand at Actressbecame a cult hero bodyguard, with Kevin Costner. However, the feature film leaves the audience with nothing and also focuses on troubled personal life of the artistmarked by drug, drug and alcohol abuse and a Stormy marriage to Bobby Brown, The epilogue of the project matches again death of the artistJo disappeared in 2012 due to a drug overdose, which led to her drowning in a hotel bathtub.

to play the role of Whitney Houston she is small naomi ackeebest known to the general public for a small role in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and for series end of the f***ing world And look forward to Bong Joon-ho’s latest work, mickey 17In which he will share the set with Robert Pattinson. At his side, Bobby Brown and the singer’s parents, Sissy and John Huston, respectively, appear. ashton sanders, Tamara Tunney And clark peters, What sets it apart, however, is the presence of Stanley Tuccias record producer clive davis, then they finish it mold Nefessa Williams, Tanner Beard, Lance A. Williams, Daniel Washington, Bria Danielle Singleton and Chris Sidberry. the direction is instead Casey LemonsActress and director who returned to the biopic genre after directing HarrietAbout activist and abolitionist Harriet Tubman – played by Cynthia Erivo. Whitney – a rumor that became legend This is the latest biopic about a music icon which has recently released in cinemas across the world. Dedicated projects for the next film season Amy Winehouse , back to Black Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson -, A Michael Jackson – Directed by Antoine Fuqua – EA Joni Mitchell Which will be handled by Cameron Crowe. Meanwhile, the appointment is for tonight, come on sky cinema one,

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