“We saw a milazo full of people. Beautiful. Thanks to all: To the Tusa family, with the touching memory of Giuseppe; on “Street Food on Tour”; To the Milazzo Cult Festival, to the law enforcement forces, to the local police and to the sanitation workers of the city. Team building is about winning. We will have to go ahead like this in view of the summer program and the appointments on Notte Bianca which will be held on July 8.
Mayor Pippo Midilli is satisfied with the interest generated by the many events promoted over the weekend. More than 5,000 people crowded throughout the city center to follow the various initiatives: from tastings at Lungomare Garibaldi, coordinated by the municipality’s expert Peppe Abriano, to musical corners promoted by the managers of the historic center, but above all Extraordinary evening that encouraged Mrs. Adele Chiello Tusa, together with other relatives, to remember ten years since the disappearance of her son, Giuseppe, innocent victim of the collapse of the tower of the port of Genoa. Over the weekend, restaurants and pizzerias sold out, but also smaller meeting places (bars, ice cream parlors) confirming that when attendance is up, the economy benefits as well.

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