A woman from Tucumán called the pharmacy due to a traffic jam and got the bill

With no love, the earth is in the air, sugar cane is being burned to no avail, many are wearing masks again, and allergy and respiratory inquiries have grown like tickets: “And they’re discounted.”

Everyone walks the same way.

This happens in the best of homes: many Tucumans and Tucumanas sneezed left and right, no kalina reached, some elbowed, others sprayed the environment.cough is the soundtrack to august The first day of September is no exception.

A young woman shared a pharmacy account with Tucumán after ordering pain-relieving medication.That is: what he wants is the most consumed drug at the moment, the famous and popular Kuraplas.Just in case, he added two Refrianks.and relax a little drum Tafirol.

After receiving the order, he shared the ticket with the amount. Let’s recap: two quraplus, two refrianex, and a box of 50 units of tafirol. How much do you think he spent?

The main problem in Tucuman is the air pollution caused by pollution. This can lead to more respiratory illnesses. In addition, in August and September, spring trees start to pollinate, which further exacerbates allergy symptoms,” explained Dr Maria Cecilia Lucini at the time.

“The most important thing is to ventilate the environment at the right time, clean up the dust with a damp cloth and water, avoid feather dusters and brooms, wear glasses because of conjunctivitis”Stressed by Lucini, he also said homes should not be ventilated at this time of year, either in the early morning or in the last hours of the afternoon, as this is when pollen concentrations are highest.

Now, back to the math: How much did you spend on these three treatments? The figure of 6,715 pesos: “Impossible,” he added in the message. The country is like that. Are you okay with the money he spent? Do you think it is cheaper or more expensive? We understand you!

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