A woman in a bikini get carried away in the Maldives, the canvas split – video



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A tourist with a bathing suit outside of the area was completed, on 6. February in the Maldives, the local police, which was the view, he was wearing a”inappropriate”. The video of his arrest muscular caused a fierce controversy among the users of the police encounter, to explain.

A video showing the arrest of a young woman who shared in a bikini on the tourist island of South male atoll, part of the archipelago of the Maldives, has been largely commented on in social networks because of the way the police acted.

In particular, it is possible to stop a group of police officers by the force of a woman in a bikini, the debate violement and yells in English, “me agressez sexually”. Parallel to this, an officer tried to cover the woman in a beach towel. Finally, we can see, led by agents, and the arms in the back.

The statement by the police

In a press release the day after the facts, the local police said that at 6. in February, after six o’clock in the evening, it was alerted by a resident, a tourist, of the “dressed inappropriately and are probably intoxicated and” walked the main street of the island.

According to police, the woman refused, the rules prohibit the wearing of a bathing suit in the areas where the local population lives. Arrested, he spent two hours in the police station after what she has been released, without complaining, says the text.

The police apologized besides, the young woman’s response “disproportionate”, his agent.

Reactions of the users

In addition, another video was released showing what happened before the interpellation. On the sequence, the woman is a dispute with the police, to which she takes a sudden, the sunglasses, the head of a resident, the of you.

As a response to the incident, some users called on, “a boycott of the Maldives” and have decided that by his actions the police was so “killed” the tourism in the country.

Others, however, were of the view that the tourists have in mind, to make the rules of the countries in which they are located.