A woman took the cell phone to the technician because she believed it was broken, but she learned of a heartbreaking reality | Chronicle

The video of a woman collapsing in tears in front of the counter of an employee of a technical service business for mobile devices went viral on Facebook in recent days. The Mexican newspaper Millennium explained what is the sad story behind those images.

It turns out that an elderly woman came to the premises to ask one of the workers to solve an alleged problem. The lady indicated that her cell phone could not receive calls for several months.

“I have more than a year that my children do not answer me, and I say: ‘what happens?’ Well, the cell phone is the one that does not work. How can my children not talk to me?, expressed Aurora Hernández, the Mexican who stars in the video.

After acknowledging the innocence of the woman, the young employee decides to scam her by pointing out that he could repair her phone for an exaggerated sum of money, so she despairs and breaks down in tears in front of the counter.

However, before leaving the premises, another employee who heard the sobbing of the lady approached the counter and asked what was happening. “I went with that boy and he charges me a lot of money … I don’t have that money, what I want is to talk to my childrenHernández explained, according to the newspaper.

It was then that the employee set out to check the lady’s mobile device without asking for any money in return. Upon cautious investigation, he realized that the cell phone was working in perfect condition.

According to the Mexican newspaper, the woman’s cell phone did not ring for the simple fact that none of her children cared and wanted to know about her. Sorry for that situation, the employee took his own cell phone and dialed the number of the lady’s son to raise the distressing situation with him and to ask him to contact his mother.

“He brought me a cell phone to fix because it doesn’t work. All he wants to do is talk to you. I don’t know if I can do that miracle for him. I give you my information and everything in case you like to come and see it ”, the store clerk closed.

But this story has a happy ending: according to the media, a few days later Aurora returned to the place holding the arm of a young man, who apparently would be her son. He thanked the technician for his help and when he tried to pay him for his services, he refused to receive his money.

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