A worker of a German company is infected with coronavirus, using a salt shaker that happened to a mate


After registering the first cases of infection in Europe, a German passed the virus on to your colleague without knowing it, in some conditions apparently very unfavourable to the contagion.

Stockdorf is a small German town located near Munich, where it was detected the patient zero of coronavirus in the country. It is a chinese woman who travelled to Germany at the end of January and attended several meetings at the headquarters of the company Webasto, which produces car parts.

On his return to his country, the woman gave a positive covid-19 and said to all the colleagues with whom he had contact in Germany. At that time, the virus already circulating in the company, infecting more and more employees.

“Only four or five days before receiving the news, had given him the hand,” he said, quoted by Reuters, the executive director of the company, Holger Engelmann, who immediately established a crisis team that alerted the medical authorities and began to try to locate staff members that had been in contact with his colleague in china.

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Epidemiologists germans began to investigate in detail the chain of infections. That hunt, which was attended by about 40 scientists, helped Germany to gain time to better prepare for defense against the spread of the virus, believe the specialists.

“We learned that we must track meticulously the chains of infection for interrupting”, he indicated to Reuters, the German physician, Clemens Wendtner.

Calendars electronic workers Webasto, in which they had listed all the meetings and appointments of work, helped to move research forward. The scientists also used the study of whole-genome sequencing, analyzing the differences in the genetic code of the virus of different patients to map their spread.

But then revealed that the patient number 4 did not come into direct contact with the patient 5. With a little research it was discovered that the transmission of the virus occurred in the cafeteria of the company the 22 of January, when one of the workers turned around to ask for the salt to another that was sitting at the next table.

The scientists deduced that the virus passed from one to the other with the salt shaker through the infected hands of the patient 4. In this way, those co-workers became some of the first links in the chain of multiple transmissions that began to spread through Europe.

January 28, Webasto temporarily closed its headquarters in Stockdorf, while the 16 patients with covid-19, identified between January 27 and February 11, were sent to a hospital to be observed and so that the doctors could learn more about the disease.

According to data collected by Reuters, the mortality rate from coronavirus in Germany 1,9 %the lowest among the countries most affected, but experts say that more deaths per covid-19 in the country are inevitable.

This Friday, the Robert Koch Institute, the federal Government agency responsible for the control and prevention of diseases, reported of the total cases of coronavirus in Germany has increased to 113.525while the fatalities come to 2.373.

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