a written contract binds them for life

After months of gossip and inadvertent talk about the relationship between Cr7 and Georgina, now in minimal terms, more than clear documents are emerging from Portugal: neither of the two will have a reason to part.

The crisis of relations between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez cyclically on everyone’s lips, especially since the Portuguese champion decided to end his sports career in Saudi Arabia. The handover, which also coincided with increasingly constant dating rumors between them are now minimized and held on only to the facade. Now confirmation will come directly from Portugal that the rumors are completely unfounded, which will reveal an agreement between them that will firmly bind them even after a possible completely useless separation.

The choice to fly to Arabia and sign a dizzying deal with Al-Nasr was economically the perfect choice for Cristiano Ronaldo. Slightly less on the sporty and sentimental front. On the first point, the season just ended proved to be difficult, if not unsuccessful, in many respects: not everything was rosy for Cr7 with various moments of tension, others in which he missed the train to immediately snatch the national title from the first year without forgetting the domestic problems at the club, culminating in the resignation of Rudi Garcia. On the sentimental front, living in an Arab country would have exacerbated some aspects of the couple that were no longer working, further alienating Cristiano from Georgina.

Some special moments did not escape the eyes of the majority already from the introduction of Ronaldo to the Arab world, in which Georgina appeared, on the one hand, almost out of place, and on the other, more distant and detached from the usual. Even some position of Cristiano is annoying. Then rumors about the limits and limitations of Arab culture, and the first rumors of an increasingly forced coexistence. Until now, when from Portugal came the denial of it all: Cristiano and Georgina are not going to part also because nothing will change in their relationship, given that they have always signed a clear agreement governing their rights, duties and rewards. Around the figure of children.

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Portugal is always one step ahead when it comes to news about Cristiano Ronaldo, magazine TV PROGRAM actually revealed last backstory between Cristiano and Georgina that in addition to a real relationship based on mutual love, they will be united by their children through a special marriage contract. According to the aforementioned Lusitanian journal, the couple actually signed a contract after the first pregnancy Georgina, in which the foundations of future relationships will be laid, both in the case of marriage and in the event of separation.

Jorge Mendez, the footballer’s former agent, wanted everything to go the right way to protect the player’s assets and family, and at the same time, CR7 wanted Georgina to be given a guarantee, including an economic one, no matter what happened. For example, the family home in La Finca was in the name of Georgina and he would automatically become his, plus he will also receive an annuity of 100,000 euros per month.. This agreement was signed during the first pregnancy, and the figure of the children will be central to the signed agreements.

Cristiano and Georgina have been together since 2016: they have two children, Alana Martina and Bella Esmeralda.

Cristiano and Georgina have been together since 2016: they have two children, Alana Martina and Bella Esmeralda.

Georgina, in fact, besides being the biological mother Alana and Bella Esmeraldaalso mother of twins Eva and Mateo was with a surrogate mother. They are not biological children, but they were still registered in the registry office as his children, actually bearing his last name. From Portugal, they would have indisputable documents in their hands: Georgina would go to register personal documents, taking with her a document signed by Cristiano Ronaldo himself, which gave her full authority to register children. All this, as the Lusitanian media always says, should finally put an end to any gossip about possible divorces in which the couple is not interested.

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