A young woman found out she was 50 minutes pregnant before giving birth: “I thought I was constipated, my father found me on the toilet.”

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Unexpected surprise for a young woman who at the age of 20 found out that she is only 50 minutes pregnant before giving birth. The woman gave birth to a baby girl, despite the fact that she was protecting herself and did not think it was possible that she did not think for a second about such a variant.

Hannah Violet's little girl

At the age of 20, a young woman found out she was 50 minutes pregnant before giving birth

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Hanna Violet frequently posts videos on TikTok in which she talks about her experience with the surprise birth of her daughter. She confessed that she was shocked to learn that she was pregnant because she wore the same clothes and used contraceptives.

“There was no chance I would get pregnant because I was taking birth control pills. Me too – I found out I was 50 minutes pregnant before I gave birth “, said the young mother.

Surprisingly, many people commented that the same thing happened.

“I suffered the same way, except for the fact that I found out at 27 weeks, it was still contraceptive.”

“I found out at 34 weeks and took the same pill. My daughter will be seven years old in May! ” these were just some of the messages from his followers.

The mother talked more about her pregnancy story, but also about the birth of her baby in other videos posted on TikTok. She explained that she woke up one morning with severe stomach and back pain and was rushed to hospital with suspicion of appendicitis, then her water broke, The Sun reports. She had no idea she was pregnant, especially since she was protecting herself during a love affair, as she revealed earlier, and when she started having massive stomach pains, she thought she was simply constipated.

“I woke up one morning with a stomach and back pain, I thought I was constipated. My father then found me on the toilet and my mother told him to call for help. We were told on the phone that she might be appendicitis and that an ambulance was on its way. Then they called back and said there were no ambulances available and that my father had to bring me to the ER. “, said Hannah.

At the hospital, it became apparent that Hannah, then in her late 20s, was about to give birth.

“I arrived at the hospital and they wanted to take my blood, but it hurt too much for me to stand still for them to insert the needle, two seconds later my water broke and they told me in shock that I was in labor. They took my parents to a room to tell them that they were about to become grandparents. Then I asked my mother to stay with me and my father stayed in the waiting room with tea and biscuits, trying to call my brother. A few midwives came from the other side of the hospital, and 50 minutes later I gave birth to a baby girl. Then they told me that we had to be transferred to another hospital in separate ambulances and that I could go in my father’s car, even though I had just given birth. I am now a single mother and have a healthy three-year-old baby. “, continued the young woman.

Hannah revealed that experience “Turned it around”, being treated rather strangely by the team that took care of her, but she wanted to thank especially one of the paramedics who helped her a lot from the moment of taking over: “I was born 50 minutes after I found out I was pregnant, then I had to spend two days in the hospital with some nurses who did not offer me any support. However, the paramedic who was with me all the time after telling me that I was pregnant and in labor and kept me calm throughout my daughter’s birth… I will never forget you! ”

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