AAP 5: What will happen in the series grand finale? Plot and Preview

You Nameplate wise, it was one of the most successful series Netflix, also received a resounding consensus on social networks. As it has already been announced in the past months, the fifth season of the series is about to come, which will surely close the stories of the protagonists. joe goldberg, But what will happen during this grand finale?

AAP 5: Lead actor Penn Badgley’s revelations on the final season

The U series ends with its fifth and final chapter. At the center will always be the stories of Joe Goldberg, the fanatical stalker who has to deal with himself in the fourth season, which reaches extreme levels of mania. Penn BadgleyThe lead actor who played Joe all these years said he is expecting an epic finale from this beloved Netflix series. Also, on his part, the interpreter would like to see his character pay for all the evil he has done over the past four seasons. Badgley guessed his character’s death, although it is not yet clear how this could happen. In any case, what seems certain for the unaired episode is that Goldberg will face several outstanding issues from the past when he gets there. New York, There are many crimes he never paid for, and many people he hurt.

possible return of jena ortega

meanwhile you 5, a sensational comeback is also possible which the fans of the series would love to see. about this Jenna Ortegastar of WednesdayJo was one of the regular cast members of the second season of U. In fact, she played the young girl Ellie, towards which Joe had shown a surprisingly protective side. However, Ellie has disappeared since the second season and there has only been sporadic news about her. gambling eveningThe series’ producers had revealed that they wanted to have Jenna Ortega and her Ellie in the fourth season of You as well, but this was not possible due to her commitments on Wednesday. Judging by the rumors that have been surfacing, it seems clear that there is a solid possibility of seeing Jenna Ortega again from last season. This may represent a question from Ellie Jo’s past, which according to Penn Badgley must be resolved once her character arrives in New York.

How did season 4 end?

The fourth season of the series ended with another question mark. In fact, Joe has decided to return to New York, reclaiming his identity with a new flame. cat, Given the latter’s assets, Joe was able to completely clear his criminal record and start over from zero. Now, in New York, Joe has been able to open a small bookstore and is also dedicated to becoming a philanthropist together with Kate. However, through a few scenes in the finale, we understand that Joe, as always, He won’t be able to keep his stalking nature away for long and his killing propensity. Goldberg would return to cause trouble next season. It remains to be seen how the dark side of protagonist Joe Goldberg will be realized again…

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