Aaron Rodgers’ recovery finds inspiration in longtime rival Tom Brady and fellow NBA star Michael Jordan

On September 11, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles tendon early in the first quarter of the game against the Buffalo Bills and was retired for the season. This is the most devastating news of the season so far for fans and the team. Rodgers was initially ruled out for the season but underwent innovative surgery designed to speed his recovery. That could give him a chance to return to action in mid-January.

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Rogers recently gave an update on his recovery progress on the weekly Pat McAfee Show. Rodgers expressed his frustration but also his determination to always try to overcome the challenges. A-Rod’s recent empowering message is all about greatness.

Aaron Rodgers draws inspiration from the best


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The 39-year-old shared his recovery journey so far on the Pat McAfee Show this Saturday. He went on to express his frustration at not being able to be with the team and the challenges he faced in his recovery. However, nothing can hinder his spirit. The QB shares his thoughts on what separates great competitors from the rest.

Rodgers drew inspiration from legends like Tom Brady and Michael Jordan, emphasizing that true greatness does not depend on external motivation. Rogers asserted: “There are many good competitors and I would put myself in this category. Great competitors don’t need much inspiration; motivation comes from within.“He remains determined to recover and get back on the field.

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How is Aaron Rodgers doing after Achilles surgery? 39-year-old quarterback raises fans’ hope meter as Jets look to end Patriots’ long run

Rodgers expressed his deep admiration for Kobe Bryant’s incredible journey following his Achilles injury. Bryant’s commitment during his recovery resonated with Rodgers as he faced his own road to recovery. With his sights set on returning to peak performance, Rodgers is making that determination clear.


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Overcoming challenges and quelling retirement speculation

Rodgers, who is currently recovering, shared the challenges of being away from his teammates. He shared his dedication publicly, saying: “I’m actually in recovery now. I have my machines and stuff. I just finished rehab this week. It’s too hard. Not being able to be with these guys makes every day hard.

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Despite widespread speculation that he would retire due to serious injuries and age, the NFL star has dismissed those thoughts and expressed his desire to return to football. He even hinted that he might be able to return in time for the playoffs, fueled by innovative surgery and a fierce determination to continue his football career.


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Throughout this journey, Rodgers’ tenacity shines through as he strives to achieve his goal of returning to the game he loves, proving that retirement is not yet here.

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