Aaron Rodgers went out, fled from Peru for the Covid-19| Excélsior



The quarterback star of the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, highlighted the problems that lived to get out of Peru because of the pandemic of coronavirus, which began to unravel when I was on vacation in Cusco.

In a program, the player of the National Football League Americano (NFL) talked of her pleasant little experience in the south american country, for fear of some contagion.

I think that we are clean. Have you seen the movie Argo? The scene at the end where they run towards the airport. Fortunately, no one saw us or stopped us. We did not have to speak the language farsi to return to the country, but there were times that we worried that we could not get out. It was an absolute hell in the airport,” he said.

He recalled that he lived a chaos in the airport in peru, in which the little people were covered, recalledto prevent the spread of the virus, but fortunately was able to return without problems to the territory of us.

I know that there have been some airplanes and some people who were down there who have been brought back. When we arrived at the airport at seven in the morning, was to stop the people against the wall and you could not move at all.”

He added: “I Was thinking: this is not very safe. Not had many masks, and there was definitely panic in the air. But somehow we went down and then they closed the airport because it was bad weather. They had a timeout and closed the whole airport. Did it in 15 minutes.”



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