Abdominal exercises standing up in 10 minutes to fine-tune the waist


You may the table is the exercise for the abdomen that recommend models like Ariadne Artiles, and that the abdominal classic or crunches (in its different forms) are the basis of the routines express gurus fitness as Alexis Ren, or Chloe Ting. However, many girls hate this type of movements on the ground, either because they are comfortable, they seem too intense or you do damage them (and yes, then come the bruises). The solution to all of them could be the abdominal exercises standing, a type of functional movements more easy to make (perfect for beginners) but equally effective, especially for work obliques and, in this way, fine-tune the waist. Do you want to try it? You only need 10 minutes to complete the proposal of Heather Robertson, one of the coaches most closely followed of the network and the creator of a plan taking shape in 12 weeks.


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In a standing position, if possible in front of a mirror –to control that you do it correctly the movements according to your instructions, and keep the abdomen as hard as you can throughout the circuit. You don’t need anything more, not even a mat, to copy the routine proposed by this expert in fitnessalso, we recommend your session HIIT cardiovascular exercise of 30 minutes. What list? These are the 10 movements that you have to repeat for 30 seconds until the completion of the 5 minutes, after that, it will repeat again:

Standing ab (2 rounds of 10 exercises, 30 seconds per exercise)

– Impulse knee: folds alternate with each knee toward your chest and lower your hands bound and with energy towards her when she is up. If you have practiced bodycombat or muay thai, the movement will remind you of the knee blow.
– Turn oblique (right): place your hands behind head and rotate the body, torsion√°ndolo, towards the right side of the time that you raise that same knee as if you will try to put it together with the left elbow.
– Turn sideways (left): the same movement as above, but rotating to the other side and touching the right elbow with the left knee.
– Kick (right): lift the right leg straight to the front up to the height of the hip, approximately, as you lower both arms, from the top of the head, straight and separated by the width of your shoulders.
– Kick (left): repeat the previous movement with the left leg.
– Lateral tilt (right): with the left hand on the head and the right arm stretched to the side of the side, bend from the waist towards the right side, keeping the trunk straight and aligned with the head at all times. Return to the start position and repeat, always leaning to the same side.
-Side tilt (left): repeat the previous movement, but to the opposite side, that is to say, with the right hand on the head, the left arm stretched and inclining the trunk towards your left.
– Lifting of knees: it is as if you were running on the site, but bringing your knees up to the height of the hip (approximately and always within your means!). You can tilt the body back slightly to make it easier, or put your hands in the nape of the neck, as suggested by Heather, to increase the difficulty.
– Side kick (right): lift the right leg straight laterally, until the height of the hip approximately, while you lower the right elbow to touch your knee. When you lower the leg, supporting the right foot something separate from the left and, from there, cross them towards the right side, bending the knees a little, to pick up momentum and return to the raising of the leg.
– Kick (left): repeat the previous movement with the left leg.

This table is perfect to complete, for example, a session of cardio. The waist is one of the areas most quickly reflects the extra kilos that we won, but, fortunately, it’s also that we lose, and with exercises like these, focused on that area, you can accelerate the reduction of the contour. With a good musculature in the obliques, the waist will look more narrow and much more beautiful. Full the sport with a healthy diet, balanced and rich in fruits, vegetables, and vegetable proteins, and in a few weeks you will notice how your abdomen flattens and your waist is marked.