Abel Pintos in Jesús María: explained what caused the discomfort in his voice

One week before the start of the Festival de Jesús María 2022, it was Abel Pintos’ turn. Although greater attendance was expected as in other years, the singer-songwriter received almost 10,000 people.

With protocols and distancing, the show captivated the show captivated the capital of the rodeo. “Here I wait for you” and “Without beginning or end” were some of the songs that were heard.

The show and a voice problem

The seventh night of the Jesús María Festival had the Bahiense as its main guest, who in the midst of his songs, He confessed to his audience that he had a problem with his vocal cords. “I want to be completely frank with all of you,” Pintos began.

Without background music and an entire audience listening, he explained: “This morning I woke up feeling a little sick to my vocal chords. Sometimes it happens that a little discomfort in my stomach generates an issue that burns the vocal cords“.

+ Video: Abel Pintos spoke about his voice problem.

With a lot of charisma and commitment to his fans, he said: “I was singing all night and I think the concert is going to be good. I don’t feel like in every concert but I will be here giving 100% for all of you“. The last sentence generated an ovation in the public and the applause was not lacking.

Press conference

After the recital, and as is common for the artist, Abel Pintos spoke about his tour and how the pandemic changed his reality. “Right now we are doing a tour in the middle of all this madness and you realize that you begin to value what happens every day,” he began.

Contextualizing the increase in cases and referring to his band, he commented: “We enjoy these possibilities with more awareness of the present time, than probably at other times.” “We needed the feeling of being able to celebrate what our town celebrates every year.”

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With a smile on his face and with great enthusiasm, he concluded: “It makes me very happy to be here. I never felt so accompanied on a tour.”

A year and a half after his birth, the singer referred to his son and with a moving voice he was honest about the illusion he has that one day “Agustín accompanies him to the tours”.

+ GALLERY: the Abel Pintos show in Jesús María.

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