Abigail case: They kidnapped ‘essential documents’ in raid on a clinic

Friday, August 18, 2023


This Friday morning, the company staff UFI Special Offenses conducted a raid University Park Clinicwithin the framework of the death investigation Abigail Lucero Gatica9-year-old girl dies of bilateral pneumonia Simon.

There, they managed to seize documents because the minor was treated at that hospital in the days before her death. Prosecutor Francisco Pizarro recounted the facts.

We can obtain material needed to investigate the etiology, clinical history, computer records, and other material related to the etiology to help establish the facts. It is said that the girl also received treatment a few days before her death, so we want to determine which days and which doctor treated her, whether there were drugs, tests, these are the materials to be analyzed now,” Pizarro told Diario La Provincia SJ.

Abigail’s decompensation worsened and she was sent to Cimyn Nursing Home on at least 3 occasions before she died of bilateral pneumonia days later. The case gained judicial status following statements from his parents and medical professionals, as well as the abduction of documentary material and hospital security cameras.

From this, problems arose not only from the raid but also from the investigative work.We’re collecting everything to see if we can find out how the girl died’ the prosecutor added.

and close: “The cause of death was determined by autopsy and analysis, from which we know he died of bilateral pneumonia.the question is to clarify the previous concerns and whether the participating doctors did the corresponding operations.”

The family, convinced that the girl had suffered neglect and abandonment, acted through her lawyer, César Jofré, and followed the actions of the prosecutor’s office.

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