Abilities and Class Characteristics

We show you the details of the bard class in Baldur’s Gate 3: weapons and armor abilities, actions and class functions.

Bard in Baldur's Gate 3: Proficiency and Class Traits

In this Bowder’s Big 3 guide, we’ll review all the information necessary to Master the Bard Course, which is the most charismatic and melodious in the game. We include all the information about the breed, their main action, trick or spellthis Weapon and Armor Proficiency until class characteristics This distinguishes them from other classes.

bard description

we start with him Background and Basics Know what it means to be a bard in Baldur’s Gate 3. We also include the main function Remember this lesson.

  • Bard’s background: You know music is not just expendable entertainment, but power. Your adventures and tons of learning have taught you to master your singing, your speaking, and your inner magic.
  • Main class function: Charm (CHA).
Bard in Baldur Gate 3

bard skills

Next, we show you the bard details, Primary Weapons and Armor Abilities. These determine the weapons and armor that we can equip ourselves without problems.

  • arms: Simple weapons, handbow, longsword, rapier and short sword.
  • Armor: light armor.

Action and Class Features

For this section, we will review the The main actions we can take in combat or outside Be a part of this class.and them trait or primary skillwhether active or passive.

  • Bardic Inspiration (class action): You inspire an ally, who gains a +1d6 bonus on his next attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.

On the other hand, we have Other class functions:

  • spell slotyou need to cast spells of different levels, up to 10.

tricks and spells

We are faced with a course that can start with various techniques and spells, so we have also made a list of possibilities for you below.we start from Skill:

  • harmful sarcasm
  • blade guard
  • magician hand
  • certain influence
  • friendship
  • dancing lights
  • Light
  • little illusion

on the other hand, spell:

  • enchanted animal
  • perish
  • charismatic person
  • heal wounds
  • wear costumes
  • dissonant whisper
  • wonderland fire
  • feather drop
  • words of cure
  • heroism
  • stride forward
  • sleep
  • thunder
  • talk to animals
  • tasha’s terrible laugh

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