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Looking back at the American star’s career, one cannot fail to notice and make an accurate analysis of his role as an actor and his choices. Why Kevin Spaceytheater actor by training Shakespearean, is comfortable with the ambiguity of his characterization, which sometimes makes him rise to the archetype of a villain, and sometimes to an anti-hero. And on the few occasions when he plays the victim, cf. Life of David Gale, Spacey’s interpretation is intended to generate distrust or an empathy process on the part of the public. And so it’s no wonder that after various awards as an on-duty villain, in the early days of the nascent streaming series, Kevin Spacey stepped onto the scene, and the role was born for him immediately. By adding and implementing many masks: dark villain, double agent, obvious hero, dishonest friend, politician with blood on his hands.

1 – The usual suspects

End of Millennium Noir Bryan Singer, Kevin Spacey plays a perfect mutation between the two archetypes of the hero and the anti before the fusion of his opposite. Roger Kintfake cripple who shuffles cards and his nature in a dangerous Keyser Söze. His skill lies in the ambiguity of hiding two masks of a cripple and a dangerous Hungarian boss. A game of chess that Spacey’s character keeps to the end. In a manipulation mystery that mixes fact with fiction, using Gabriel Byrne as a scapegoat. Spacey’s identification here is complete, especially from an acting standpoint. He exits and returns to his two characters, managing to fool everyone by pulling the strings of a scheme that calls for his ingenious escape on a grand scale. Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actor.

2 – Seven

It is impossible, of course, not to mention the cult David Fincher This is one of villains the most twisted and iconic ever. Murderer John Doe he lives in the clear madness of his actions and his blackmails. Minus Fincher’s film’s very successful moralistic and almost ghostly thriller craftsmanship Kevin Spacey it’s psychology again. In his sadism and bloodied hands, the serial killer traces the trail of the carnal embodiment of the 7 deadly sins, bringing human integrity to the limit. A psychological game that Spacey pushes to the limit with Brad Pitt’s character.. The sins of jealousy and anger clash in a terrible and beautiful final duel.

3 – American beauty

If every actor has a godfather, Kevin Spacey it’s definitely work Sam Mendes. A cross section of the average American family, normal and dissatisfied, in which Spacey unleashes angry discontent Lester Burnham. Who is tired of disappointment in marriage with his wife Annette Bening, flees from his aseptic family world, dreaming of a new youth. And this is due to the nature Angela, an almost rebellious friend of his daughter, with whom he has an apparently ambiguous relationship of outright flirting and flirting that never gets to the point except at the end. But this serves to give us a different interpretation of the usual Spacey. Having reached middle age, he quits a stable job for a job in a small fast food restaurant, realizing what his old character Lester always interfered with. Access your dreams and whims like buying a luxury car. Kevin Spacey takes on the role of the classic anti-hero of the time, playing a positive character in his desire to overcome his state of alienation.. Pushing away the denial of the newfound happiness, albeit momentary and tragically ephemeral.

4 – House of Cards

In 2013, the participation of famous movie stars in TV shows was considered something of a heresy. Kevin Spacey he was the first to bet on the emerging Netflix and he did it with a series that intervened in the intrigues of power, doing so with a different and innovative bent. His Frank Underwood From House of cards it is, above all, a subjective character that guides the series through a deep and controversial nature. Spacey does this primarily in a constant relationship with the viewer, he constantly questions him, informing him about his political and criminal misdeeds. The White House looks like New Jersey, and Frank looks like the Tony Soprano of American politics.. He bribes, blackmails, and without remorse does not think about resorting to illegal means to protect what is most dear to him. Force. Interrogative digressions Spacey/Underwood they break the fourth wall in an unusual way. The viewer feels guilty and at the same time participates in the manner of Frank’s actions. In a world where there are no half measures and the way home is long lost.

Kevin Spacey he lives to bring out human nature and has demonstrated this in more than fifty films. A claim for the role of a mask in which an actor is involved. The secret that generates an attempt at catharsis lies in the containment of emotions in relation to the unpredictability of the performance. And as he said Sam Mandes, Spacey can give you goosebumps at any moment..

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