About love. Selena Gomez presented a sensual video for a Spanish-language song

Selena Gomez has released a new video (Photo: Vogue)

Popular singer and actress Selena Gomez presented the video for her new Spanish-language song De Una Vez.

In a lyric song, the 28-year-old pop singer sang about a new chapter in her life after unhappy love.

In honor of the premiere of the video, Gomez gave an interview to American Vogue, in which she spoke about the work on the composition.

“With today’s release of her first Spanish-language single De Una Vez in nearly a decade, Selena Gomez is showing a new side of herself,” notes Vogue.

Exclusive backstage footage from the video was also published on the website of the publication.

“It’s such a beautiful song and I think it is very important for anyone with a broken heart. We all have pain and scars from various life experiences, but in fact, it is thanks to them that we heal ourselves. It’s not only about leaving the past behind and forgiveness, but more importantly, about strength, moving forward, and starting the next chapter in life, ”said the singer.

Photo: Vogue
Photo: Vogue

Gomez appears in the video in a delicate dress with a floral print from Rodarte, and her image is complemented by flowers in her hair, made of silk and satin. According to the star, her image has become a modern version of Frida Kahlo, and many floral motives served as a hint of rebirth and healing:

“The flowers on the dress, in the hair, and in the video are connected with the idea of ​​renewal. I also love the role nature plays in the video and the way it represents healing and growth, ”says the artist.

Photo: Vogue
Photo: Vogue