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Abraham Mateo affirms that recording with JLo was a “surrealist” dream

The singer Abraham Mateo is promoting his new single “Repetían” and revealed, exclusively for Publimetro México, what was the experience of recording with Jennifer López and in addition to how admired he is to have consecrated so many successes since his young beginnings at 7 year old.

For 2018 Abraham had the opportunity to connect with JLo and sing, along with Yandel, the song “Se Acabó el Amor”, a hit that motivates him to believe that even nothing is impossible. “The Jennifer Lopez thing was something surreal… I was 19 years old and when that opportunity came I was amazed. I learned many things and it is an experience that I will carry with me for a lifetime ”, explained the Spaniard.

“What other artist would you like to collaborate with?” she wondered at this answer, and Abraham smiled saying: “After singing with Jennifer López nothing is impossible … It could be Beyoncé, Camila Cabello I also like a lot … There are many artists with whom I would like to collaborate.” In April, Abraham shared a behind-the-scenes clip of the filming of his video with JLo and wrote “It was 3 years since #SeAcaboElAmor 🎊 One for the story with @jlo and @yandel”

Abraham Mateo stops to admire his professional evolution

If you didn’t know, Abraham started singing when he was 7 years old when he took the microphone at the Veo Veo music festival of the Teresa Rabal foundation, and at the age of two he made his debut on television when he sang for the program “Menuda noche”. “What would you say to that 7-year-old Abraham?” The singer was asked to which with a full smile he replied: “If I told you what is going to happen to you in the next few years, you won’t believe it.”

Abraham continued “I have never assimilated what has happened to me. Since I was 7 years old, when I started in music, for me everything that has come has been dream after dream come true… And it is fortunate to be able to say that ”. With admiration for what seems to be a movie in his mind, he concluded “I would repeat my childhood a thousand times … whenever I see my evolution it moves me.”

The producer and performer is preparing his seventh album and assures that he will have important collaborations such as Luis Fonsi and L´Gante, in addition to producing for stars such as Belinda, Ivy Queen and Gente de Zona. As if this agenda were not enough, he hopes to resume the concert tour and meet his audience again.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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