Abused by the Enfoires, Helene Segara balances why she no longer participates in the show!


She has not set foot in a spectacle of the Enfoires since 2015. What happened to Helene Segara? The singer is explained bluntly.

” We are not going to say that it is The little house in the meadow ” confessed Liane Foly on VL Radio, last December, concerning the atmosphere behind the scenes of the Enfoires. While again this year, with the Covid-19 crisis, the Restos du Coeur need funding more than ever, the troop of star singers met in Lyon to record a new charity show … and this, despite the tensions.

And Helene Segara will not attend. She, who gave an interview to Chante France, this January 15 (while her colleagues sing at the Halle Tony Garnier) reveals the reasons for her absence. Mother of two children, the interpreter of “She, you love him” first confides that for 17 years, she organized herself to look after her little ones, often for 10 days, to be able to participate in rehearsals and then in the show. A sacrifice that she did not have the impression of seeing rewarded …

Divas in the troop?

Indeed, the star who retired 6 years ago balances: “I was a very good friend, I accepted a lot of things, I never made any whims, I adapted to the costumes that the others were willing to leave, to songs that others did not want, for the benefit of more demanding people “.

Without naming names, Helene Segara confides that she decided to leave at the same time as Jean-Jacques Goldman, the guardian of the temple. She thinks it was “sadder in the spirit” when he passed his hand. And to conclude “he created the link between generations, he had the heart to create it”.

Not against the idea of ​​a return, however, Helene Segara assures us that today she has only one prerogative: “It is that we respect a little more my kindness and the fact that I adapt all the time, ”she said.