Ac Prato: Sunday derby tickets on sale from tomorrow

Minus 6 at the beginning of the season, but above all minus 6 in the derby. Il Prato began counting the days separating it from the first official match of the new season. Expecting in a few days the composition of the championship rounds, which will begin on September 10, the “blue-whites” already have one certainty: the match that will open the season will not be like any other, but one that for the fans is a game, or rather a derby with Pistoiese. The competition will take place on Sunday, September 3rd at 17:00 at the Stadio Melanie in Pistoia and will be valid for the first round of the Serie D Coppa Italia. A baptism of fire, a high-profile debut that has already generated increased anticipation in the city.

A ticket to the outbound sector will cost 10 euros plus presale rights. It will be available for purchase online from 5:00 pm tomorrow until 7:00 pm Saturday, September 2nd. The coupons will also be available for purchase at the Lizzo Sandro tobacco shop in Via della Lastruccia in Prato and will be personalized.

In accordance with the measures prepared by the National Observatory of Sports Events, residents of the province of Prato are allowed to purchase tickets only and exclusively in the outbound sector. The desire for a rematch has also heightened expectations, given that Prato came out defeated in both the first and second derbies last year, failing to score a single goal against the Orange. However, the second leg in Pistoia was played behind closed doors for reasons of public order. However, this time the public will be present and it is almost certain that the section reserved for Prato fans will be sold out.

The exit to the field of the last joint training, with a defeat from Tau Football, caused some anxiety among the fans. Derby, after various tests in August, will provide an opportunity to test the stability of the new Prato in a real match. It is understood that, as important as it is, this is still the first game of the season, and in any case, he will not be able to give precise instructions.

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