Access to Viedma Beach is restricted as sea lions are infected with bird flu

Sampling a sea lion infected with bird flu (Credit: Senasa)

Response to dozens of sea lions found dead or dead symptoms show Avian InfluenzaMunicipality of Viedma Ordered the closure of vehicular access extending from the beach for 14 days El Condor Spa to the nature reserve punta bermeja.

This measure is proposed as a precautionary strategy, aimed at mitigating possible risks and safeguarding public health.

The total length is about 14 kilometers, covering popular beaches such as fishmonger, lower erika, Bajadda de Cairoto Beach, central beach, intermediate beach, along the lighthouse, Pedigree of Piccotto, breakwater, beautiful beach, Loberia, rose bay and bay creek.

According to reports tramm, Mayor of Viedma, Pedro Pesatti, To address this issue, the Decree No. 892 The Provincial Administration is also requested to support the development of a joint strategy aimed at restricting the movement of humans and livestock in the area Coastal area of ​​Viedma city.

The mayor stressed the importance of installing security barriers to enforce restrictions and placing warning signs at the entrances to designated beaches.

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The decision is linked to the ongoing bird crisis in the region, marked by the detection of 53 sea lions showing symptoms associated with bird flu. Near Punta Bermeja, 23 recently deceased specimens of one-coated sea lions and one specimen of two-coated sea lions were found.

At the same time, under the leadership of the staff in the area, related work is in progress. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. A team performed autopsies on dead marine mammals and wild birds to decipher the virus’s sequence and determine its behavior. It is hoped that these findings will contribute to a better understanding of the current situation.

Cases have been registered in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz, Río Negro and Chubut (Photo: Instituto Fueguino de Turismo)

Facing the severe situation, National Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa) A series of “preventive measures and recommendations” have been issued to the public in response to the sea lion deaths affected by bird flu. The intervention program was developed in collaboration with municipal, provincial and national agencies.

For these recommendations, Senasa noted that since the virus has been found in the secretions and excreta of sick or dead animals, “institutions and the public are reminded not to approach dead animals or animals with suspicious symptoms, and to notify the organism in the event of death. “Neurologic, digestive and/or respiratory symptoms have been found in marine mammals or wild and domestic birds (mainly including ducks, hens, chicks, roosters, geese, turkeys)”.

In this sense, agricultural health control agencies require that approaching animals with certain symptoms should be avoided. In addition, he called for “responsible management of pet owners by limiting their access to beaches with sick or dead animals.” Senasa clarified, however, that “in any case of suspected bird flu infection in wildlife such as sea lions, it does not There will be a sanitary culling.”

Finally, he pledged to continue working with agencies to maintain epidemiological surveillance and contain the spread of the disease. He stressed that recent detections in infected marine mammals, according to the OIE, would not affect the health status of the country’s poultry.

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