According to Microsoft, the New Controller of the game console Xbox One : Okezone techno


REDMOND Microsoft unveil new controller for the game console Xbox One. The company announced two options for the controller that comes with the Artic Camo and the Phantom Magenta finish, quoted inews.

For the Phantom-Magenta-finish, Microsoft had its design roots explained in the Science-Fiction influenced by the type of aesthetics found in Ex-Machina and Ghost in the Shell.

For Artic Camo, Microsoft, declared with a transparent resin opaque in the pattern of the camouflage. The Controller it self from the inside out. The texture of the diamonds on the trigger helps to maintain the level of technical precision.

A few of the new controller for the Xbox One are not released at the same time. Model Phantom Magenta will be published at the end of this month. While the model Arctic Camo come in may 2020.

The presence of the new controller is in the middle of the Microsoft series X. Microsoft is preparing the launch of the Xbox for the first time, the Xbox controller is compatible with the X series, which is new.