According to reports, Sue Storm will be the “real star of the movie.”

The casting process is described as “the most important since the selection Tom Holland For Spiderman— temporarily blocked due to a strike by Hollywood actors and screenwriters, but rumors continue to leak about possible names that will be involved in the cast. From Matt Smith To Vanessa Kirbypassing through Joseph Quinn And Ebon Moss-Bachrachtoto-nomi online wild.

This was reported by a well-known insider. Daniel Richman in his profile patreon, Sue Storm pseudonym invisible woman she will be a “true movie star” despite the fact that the quartet’s previous film incarnations have always placed her at the center Reed Richards pseudonym Mister Fantastic.

This particular element was anticipated by a journalist Justin Kroll From Timingwho tweeted a few months ago that the studio wanted to prioritize the role Sue Storm during the casting process, in order to then determine the other actors of the quartet:

While filming won’t begin until early 2024, rumors are circulating that Marvel will begin the casting process for the Fantastic Four this month. No names have been released at this time, but the goal is believed to be to first hire an actress for Sue Storm and then put the rest of the team together once a performer is chosen for her. Stay tuned.

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