According to the latest rumors, Vanessa Kirby has agreed to the role of Sue Storm!

The casting process is described as “the most important since the selection Tom Holland For Spiderman— temporarily blocked due to a strike by Hollywood actors and screenwriters, but rumors continue to leak about possible names that will be involved in the cast. From Matt Smith To Jack Quaidpassing through Ebon Moss-Bachrachtoto-nomi online wild.

In the shortlist of actresses according to the version Marvel Studios for the role Sue Storm/Invisible Woman others included Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Jodie Comer and Allison Williams. Finally an insider Daniel Richman reported that the role was offered Margot Robbiewho, however, declined due to numerous commitments.

After that, an offer was made Vanessa Kirby (star Mission Impossible – Aftermath AND Pieces of a woman), as insider Jeff Snyder explained in recent days.

In the past few hours, another usually very reliable insider, Charles Murphy (the first to announce the return of Charlie Cox as Daredevil for Spiderman: No Way Home) added that actually Vanessa Kirby she was the only one who (unofficially) agreed to the role, and that the deal wasn’t officially closed in time, only because of the actors’ strike.

It’s unclear if anything will be left intact after the strike ends, but Kirby is currently the only really concrete name associated with the project.

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