According to the National Autonomous University of Mexico, what happens to your body when you eat a Bolillo out of fear?

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Come September 19th, Mexicans are on alert for possible earthquakes, as today marks the 38th anniversary and sixth year of the country’s worst earthquake.

While many are fearful, others joked on social media that they are ready Polillo “Friends” frightened”a “foolproof” remedy for mothers and grandmothers.

Recommendation Bolillo intimidation It is part of the “wisdom of the crowd”; however, it also has a scientific basis, Nayeli Xochiquetzal Ortiz Olvera, a professor at the School of Medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, explained to Globo, Mexico’s top educational institution.


Why is it good to eat bread after being frightened?

When the body experiences a “shock,” stomach acid production increases, causing abdominal pain, nausea, and other discomfort.To reduce this acidity, a good option is roll.


Ortiz Olvera explains that bolillo can calm acid secretions; additionally, chewing it can provide a distraction that can help you recover from fear.

“Because of its high carbohydrate content, this food suppresses acid secretion and helps us recover from fear. Additionally, because of its bulk and hard crust, it forces us to chew, which distracts us and reduces our ability to fear,” the scholar explained to UNAM Global.

Although “bolillito” can alleviate fears, Nayeli Xochiquetzal Ortiz recommends eating it in up to three bites, since it is a high-calorie food (one slice has 180 kcal).


Eduardo Calixto González, a professor at the School of Psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, revealed that not only roll It’s a great antidote to “funk”, as is fruit, fiber or dairy, as anything that reaches the stomach changes pH and stomach acidity.

“Bread works, but so does fruit, fiber, or some dairy products (like yogurt). The key is that bacterial flora also plays a role. Anyway, tell me what kind of gastritis you have and I’ll tell you how much you smoke and what you’re facing How many problems you have, how much spicy food you eat, how many soft drinks you drink. It’s not stress, it’s the sum of everything,” he said.

Calixto Gonzalez also emphasized, Bolillo intimidationEmotional support, such as hugs, is important because it creates certainty and a sense that we will be okay.

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