Accuse Ariel Winter of paying a salary to your boyfriend… and it Explodes! | News


What has Ariel Winter they always find something to criticize it?

The actress Modern Family has been found in Instagram its a means to let off some steam when you consider unfair, what says the press about it.

On more than one occasion he has answered, via networks, to those who accused him of being to fat or to exhibit too much your body.

Now, he has returned to answer but the allegations are different. Star Magazine ensures that the actress pays a ground to her boyfriend, the also actor Levi Meadento ‘look after her’.

The couple lives together and Ariel recognized in the program Jimmy Kimmel that is “the worst prototype of a wife.” But it seems that is going well and that she is not able to do, so does your guy.

“My boyfriend and I live together, he cooking,” featured in that program, “I don’t know cooking. He is in charge of all things manual. It’s great, does all that. I, once in a while, I can bake a cake, pumpkin and apple.”

He assured that besides the cakes, he makes the rest of the tasks of the house, but that does not mean that you will pay for it.

Meaden is an actor and we have seen him in series such as Aftermath and The Killingso, Ariel has erupted in the face of these accusations.

“Star Magazine, obviously, is not a source of good reputation, is a magazine trash, but, truth,” she claimed on Instagram, “how dare you invent things that don’t have a clue?”.

Winter has not hesitated to defend their guy, and to refute the information. “Would never pay my boyfriend any type of salary, nor he would accept if he proposed. He buys his own stuff, either for me or for him, and gives his all in our relationship.”

It is clear that, although she may enjoy in these times of popularity, that he does not mean that you have the control at home. “I don’t anyone and I don’t need anyone to keep me to me. He has a career full (including a new project that is very large), and works hard for it. It is not just the boyfriend of someone. So, if we do not know, do not comment”, I ended up saying.

Shared problem

It seems that the problems with this publication are common among his co-stars in the series.

Sofia Vergara it was another that suffered the consequences of a news story false. Last may, the magazine claimed that after 17 months of marriage with Joe Manganiellotheir relationship had been broken.

His reaction was similar to that of Ariel Winter but more concise and forceful. Rose cover to your Instagram and a message is very direct: “The editor of this magazine is an idiot.”