Actions to take if dead animals are found on the beach

In this regard, Dr. Jorgelina Scufi, Epidemiologist of Health Zone 1, announced the advice regarding the cases of sea lions that have been identified as being caused by avian influenza. This happened in South Beach and Monte Hermoso.

It is important to consider that we are about to celebrate the Student Day, when Monte Hermoso usually gathers thousands of young people who come to enjoy a day on this beach that attracts all the young people in the area.

“What is happening is that the problem has been going on since the beginning of August. The whole Atlantic coast is affected by the spread of bird flu to sea lions. They have been seen this week in Monte Hermoso, but there is also San Bla in Viedma. Sea lion habitat in the Gulf of Perth, where there are more than 100 dead wolves, seagulls, penguins, Necochea, Mar del Plata, Quicun are all places where they have appeared,” confirmed the professional.

The advice was: “Do not approach dead animals, do not touch dead animals that appear on the beach, and notify health authorities if present. Let’s hope this is over. We are waiting to see how the outbreak continues.”

Asked whether bird flu has not been transmitted to humans so far (always in animals), she clarified: “It’s not that it has never been transmitted to humans. Avian flu, especially in Asian countries. It has also been seen in humans. The numbers are low and the rate of transmission from animals to humans is low, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It has happened, Especially those who work with these animals and have prolonged contact with diseased animals. Especially when it comes to animals locked in enclosures. It doesn’t happen outside or on the beach like sea lions do. Anyway, no​ ​Touch dead animals, fish, wolves, seagulls or anything. Better not to touch and inform the health authorities” concludes Dr. Jorgelina Scuffi.

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