Activists go from hunger strike to ‘sustained protest’ over flaws at Tijuana cancer hospital

activist Emmanuel Garcia GonzalezHe started a hunger strike on Monday 3 July due to lack of medicines and equipment. Tijuana Cancer HospitalA month later, having completed a series of protests, he came to Mexico City for what he called a “sustained protest” after receiving no response from state authorities.

In the capital, following a demonstration on Monday, July 24, outside the facilities of the now-defunct Institute for Health and Wellbeing (Insabi), Emanuel spent the rest of the week working to deliver letters to various federal authorities in order to They really know what team the Baja California state requested for the Tijuana Cancer Hospital.

“Beyond the patients, there is something we can contribute. Pure evasion in Insabi; no one wants to compromise or compare with documented evidence that they claim the state of the dialysis machine but not the state of the cancer machine. The governor (Marina del Pilar Ávila) did say she was going to buy them, but I want to check if Insabi has a request…it could be a single desk between secretaries so the health board doesn’t say it’s the government, or the other way around, ‘ he commented.

According to copies of documents submitted to Insabi, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Health, Baja California – described by activists – need to replace accelerators on the current line, two in Mexicali and one in Titus. Warner; multiple commitments for a linear accelerator for the city’s cancer center; PET research equipment and dialysis machines for the General Hospital.

Among other things, in a letter to the Ministry of Health, the activists asked to adjust a blue module at the General Hospital that provides promotion and testing for prostate and testicular cancer, similar to the one responsible for promotion and testing for prostate and testicular cancer. module. Prostate, breast, HPV, Papanicolaou and cervical cancers.

“More than 900 days have passed since the center was opened, and the issue has not been resolved, and we have protested and will permanently protest until these non-negotiable needs and demands are promptly met… the document adds that at present we Additional requirements from our state, other states, or municipalities are being considered and will be expressed if necessary.

The governor of Baja California reopened the Tijuana Mobile Cancer Center in August 2022, promising to strengthen care for cancer patients along the state’s coasts as well as at the regional level. According to him, there was no decent space in the city to care for the disease before. The new center will serve 2,800 people per month. However, patients assured that they still did not have the necessary equipment and medicines.

In letters to federal authorities, it is reported that, combined with shortages of cancer center staff, interruptions and delays and procurement of materials, three radiation therapy teams in Baja California have been out for more than 12 years. Serve, so they are obsolete. “Not only are we facing a clear time crisis, but it’s clearly not the same as before,” the activist charged.

He noted that this resulted in three takeovers of the Tijuana International Checkpoint, four hunger strikes and numerous displacements to Mexico City, as officials such as the then Secretary of the Interior have proven, Olga Sanchez Cordero; To the Minister of Health, Jorge Alcocerand Deputy Minister Hugo Lopez-Gattelle Their demands and cases are real, fair and urgent.

During his protest, confronted with claims that he himself was not diagnosed due to a lack of PET research facilities in Tijuana, state authorities told him he might be able to get a diagnosis during a recent visit to Mexico City. For him, however, this doesn’t address the obstacles other patients face: “It’s the height of cynicism,” he claims, “and who else?”

“They agreed with me: no, no diagnosis, like no one who has returned, like no one who is still waiting for radiation. A lot of people say but when you’ve been shown what they’ve shown, what’s left of you to say ‘I’ll take five minutes’ to listen to overwhelmed… This administration is nothing new, ’ he added.

The activist charged that the disappearance of Seguro Pop to give way to Insabi, which was later replaced by IMSS Bienestar, would only create uncertainty and confusion. “All this sudden change, all this chaos, it’s not what it used to be, not now, not shortage; it’s now.” Failing to recognize that Insabi was a total failure was political oversight, and now IMSS Bienestar comes in : When the republic has only 11 dependent states, and 1,500 of its 2,500 municipalities, this must be a downright red flag. ’ he pointed out.

In addition to delivering documents to Insabi, IMSS, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior, Emmanuel also requested in writing to visit the Danish embassy – as a patient of the Tijuana Cancer Center, founder of the National Organization de Pacientes con Cáncer México and Es por tu Amor Association — Find out if there are drug shortages in the country, if treatment for people with hepatitis C is adequate or if dialysis and radiation therapy are needed. This is to contrast with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s claim that the health system is similar to that of the country.

“There’s a stark contrast between what the president says every day and what actually happens because I don’t think that’s the case in Denmark. Someday it will come but the health that is constantly being postponed doesn’t exist, and if the Danish narrative doesn’t want it, we’re just fighting for it Our right to health, and access to dialysis, Hepatitis C treatment (my diagnosis). . . This cannot be extremism or pole to pole, it is the reality that one has to demonstrate that health policy has not failed: I don’t have to spend 900 days asking the same question as you’, the activist concluded.

On the 29th day of his “sustained protest”, last Monday, July 31, Emanuel wanted to join his chiefs in a meeting of the Baja California government secretariat, Catalino Zavala MarquezThe space opened nearly a month later to resolve some of the demands owed more than 900 days and to facilitate reconciliation with the governor. However, the unit had been taken over by relatives of the missing for several days, and the activists took part in a brief joint protest broadcast.

Just this Thursday, the agreement to install the transition tables from the State Health System to IMSS Bienestar was signed, led by IMSS Director Zoé Robledo; Governor; IMSS Bienestar Health Services Director Alejandro Calderón Alipi and National Health Minister José Adrián Medina Amarillas at 32nd day of its term “Continued Protest”. The authorities assured that they are proceeding with the expansion of the Maternal and Children’s Hospital, the Second Hemodynamics Unit of the Entity and the Linear Accelerator of the District 20 General Hospital.

Emmanuel replied that it was not enough. “Today, he changed a team and wanted to cheat the entire state. In Baja California, we will not allow this to happen. “This team should have been changed about 5 years ago,” he wrote on social networks. In addition, he recalled the remaining missing equipment and supplies, and the long process of launching IMSS Well-being. For him, the patient’s health and diagnosis had passed, while the authorities showed laziness and indifference.

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