Actor Mark Wahlberg crashes a military base in Germany


The american actor Mark Wahlberg has once again become the protagonist of the last few hours and not just for one of his last movies, but for its presence at a ceremony in Germany. In it, the actor took the opportunity to inaugurate the new opening of a local business that you share with your brother.

In the american base of Ramstein

Until here it could be all normal, however, to the opening ceremony attended by thousands of people. The act would take place in the us military base in Ramstein, located in Germany. What you possibly didn’t expect the famous actor would be received with all the honors by the military present there, who came to the opening ceremony accompanied by their family members.

The own Mark Wahlberg not want to miss the opportunity to share in the mass-hosting on your social networks. In the videos that went up the american, he could see how I had to be escorted due to which thousands of fans asked him for photos and autographs by cutting off his step.

It is an honor to be here and be able to promote this experience with you” said’s own Mark Wahlberg in their social networks by thanking you for the overwhelming welcome to the military base of Ramstein. The u.s. is one of the actors most famous Hollywood thanks to films like Ted, Transformers or The last survivor.

Along with his brother created the ‘Wahlburgers

Judging by the name, the idea would be very attractive, because of the fusion of the surname Wahlberg and ‘burger’ would the ‘Wahlburgers’ that as we have been commenting they came to Germany in the last few hours. Despite the inauguration of the local, what is certain is that it will not open to the public until next January. The business has become famous, for example thanks to their turkey burgers and bacon.

The brand has several locations spread throughout the united States, having managed to expand to Canada and Uk. As we see, next year, 2020 will add Germany to the countries in which it is found a ‘Wahlburger’. Spain, in contrast, it seems that you will have to keep waiting.