Actor Mark Wahlberg welcomes the uk plan to pay for their employees


The COVID-19 is not only causing millions of people to stay in their homes hoping to be able to recover to normal after a few months. It is also affecting, as a consequence of the first, many businesses, also led by stars from around the world.

It is the case of the multi-millionaire actor Mark Wahlberg, known for his extensive career in the industry of american cinema, and for several years combined with his entrepreneurial career. In particular, it does so with a chain of restaurants whose specialty is burgers, better known as the ‘Wahlburgers’.

His restaurant in London, forced to ‘ERTE’

In the last few days it has been known that one of its premises, which is situated in Covent Garden in Londonis being the headache of the actor and of his brothers. Up to this point are reaching for the losses due to the confinement that has been forced to use the government plan to pay their staff.

Something very similar to what happens in Spain with the ERTE is what has led to out Mark Wahlberg in his london restaurant, closed since the beginning of the pandemic. “The group of franchises that owns Wahlburgers Covent Garden took the decision to use the scheme of Furlough (plan of the british government) to its employees with the hope that the great team and the site of the centre of London can be retained without a permanent closure,” says a spokesperson of the company Mirror.

Employees, disappointed to not to follow the example of Ed Sheeran

To operate as a franchise, each one of the restaurants was able to choose between staying open or closed indefinitely, though what has attracted attention is the decision of Mark Wahlberg. “A large part of his staff asked if it would help to pay the salaries, but that has not happened”, report on the great fortune of the american actor.

Many have compared this case with that of Ed Sheeran, british singer who decided not to use government subsidies to pay their employees of the restaurant Bertie Blossomsthat has in Notting Hill. “They are all grateful that they are getting a wage, because obviously it is a difficult time, but when other stars like Ed Sheeran are helping your staff pulling their wealth… it looks weird”, sentenced.