Actor Roberto D’Amico hospitalized with pneumonia and COVID-19 Grupo Milenio

actor Roberto Damico, known for his participation in soap operas such as crystal empire (1994) and fire burns in blood (2008), hospitalization pneumoniaCOvid-19 and a urinary tract infection.

Susan Alexander, became one of her best friends after meeting on the show Empire’s Requiem The actor’s health was reported “It’s very delicate.”

“good afternoon. I dare to ask you to support my friend Mr. Roberto D’Amico who is facing serious health crisis. If you can help us in any way you can, I will be forever grateful,” the actress wrote on her Twitter account.

The actress added an image to her message detailing the 77-year-old artist, who was born in Argentina but has long lived in Mexico.

“It all adds up! Let’s help actor Roberto D’Amico, who is in Obregón Hospital Novel coronavirus, pneumonia and strong urinary tract infection. His situation is very delicate, which is why hospital bills are going up. “

Alexander explained that actors “No insurance or assistance with an ANDA“.

“Any donation is welcome, anonymous or not,” the actress added before sharing her account to accept donations in support of Roberto.

Roberto D’Amico’s support account


Account number: 9034072088

Interbank code: 002180020976055401

Other celebrities who have copied messages supporting the actor include Rosario Murrieta, the driver window, and comedians luis spain.

Who is Roberto D’Amico?

Born in Argentina on May 1, 1946, the actor arrived in Mexico in the late 70s to start his acting career. Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Theater Studies, UK.

He has extensive experience in theater, both in acting and directing. It is in a work, Empire’s Requiembased on the book by Fernando Del Paso, with whom the actress developed a strong friendship susan alexander.

what he passed television It is also extensive, with some of its most prominent works including:

  • road to glory (1987)
  • crystal empire (1994)
  • light rays (2000
  • i love juan quillendon (2007)
  • fire burns in blood (2008)
  • my way is to love you (2022)
The actor is very serious / Instagram


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