actor up for role as Flynn Ryder in live-action Rapunzel

There are rumors about the possibility disney live Rapunzeland after casting a princess with long blond hair, it is obvious that the co-star could not be absent, handsome thief Flynn Ryder.

While Disney has yet to officially announce the remake, fans are already promoting their favorite artists on social media, starting with the actress. Florence Pughwhich, it would seem, is the number one choice for the role of Rapunzel.

But who will play the role of Flynn instead (more precisely, Eugene Fitzherbert, as shown at the end of the cartoon)? The network has no doubt: a thief with a “victorious look” must have a face Ben Barnesfamous for the saga of de The Chronicles of Narnia and for the series chastener AND Darkness and bones.

But that’s not all: this time apply spontaneously it was the actor himself, and even in unsuspecting times. In February 2020, when there was a rumor about a possible remake RapunzelBen Barnes reacted enthusiastically to the fancasting that was circulating on Twitter, officially offering himself for the role.

“Disney, I would be there … I even have a goatee!”she wrote, referring to the iconic image of Flynn Ryder.

The candidacy was received positively by the fans, but the age factor could put a spoke in the wheels of Barnes’ dreams: in fact, the actor is 41 years oldwhich might not work in his favor given that the character in the animated film is expected to be around 25 years old and that Disney tends to look for younger performers for their live-action characters.

Waiting to see if the movie Rapunzel will become a reality, and who will return an unforgettable fairy tale to the big screen, the line of Disney live performances will continue March 2024 with the release snow WhiteWith Rachel Zegler as a princess and Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen.

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