Actors of color can now play Santa Claus in Disney parks

The Walt Disney Company has been committed to minority representation for the past several years, enabling the participation of individuals who were once displaced from the center by their position in marginalized groups. The media conglomerate makes its bond with diversity visible in many ways, one of the most recent being the appearance of colored Santa Claus in amusement parks located throughout the United States. Read on for all the details.

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According to a new report from CNN, The Walt Disney Company has not issued any notification about the Santa Claus played by black actors in its parks, they are simply appearing in the complexes and the public is delighted with the panorama. This is the first time in the 66-year history of the parks that the old man of Christmas has been embodied by people of color, so this is a completely spectacular event that is definitely catching everyone’s attention.

Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are some of the company’s parks that already have their own colored Santa Claus, a trend that is coming to these places for the first time but has already been practiced for a few years in some shopping centers in the area. country or other stores. Victoria Wade, an African-American influencer specializing in theme parks, spoke to CNN on the arrival of the new Santa Claus to Disney:

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Never in my life did I think that Disney would put a black Santa Claus in the parks. With Disney implementing this change as part of its diversity and inclusion initiative, it really allows me to feel more comfortable and seen when I visit the parks. Ultimately, it makes me feel more accepted, welcomed, and excited about what this will do for children of all backgrounds when they visit Disney parks.

Inclusiveness has become very important to The Walt Disney Company. In its large franchises we have already observed how directors, actors and staff of minority groups are placed at the center of everything to give greater visibility to their group. Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm are examples of how diversity has made its way and now we can see characters of greater variety and substance. And much better times are coming for stories created from such brands.

Back in 2010 it was not so common to have a protagonist or diverse cast in series and movies, however, Disney, along with many other Hollywood studios, have turned the situation around. Now they not only cast white actors in the star roles, but also African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans and other minorities. While at the beginning preference was given to male, Caucasian and straight superheroes, in recent years we had the arrival of Black Panther – 90%, the MCU’s first black superhero to get his solo movie, and Captain Marvel – 60%, the first woman to star in their adventure. The film and television industry in the northern country is experiencing unique changes in its history and we will surely see much more in the future.

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