Actors strike, all the big names that support the protest

For a few days in Hollywood actors’ strike, which joins the opening for writers at the end of May. A movement that did not happen suddenly, but aftergrueling negotiations and bankruptcy with representatives of producers and studios, this has quite drastic consequences, such as the blocking of most film and television installations, as well as the cancellation of all promotions and participation in festivals.

This obviously causes a lot of thought, and, above all, there are those who are perplexed: how is it possible that Hollywood stars, paid millions of dollars, want new contracts and more satisfying pensions? In fact, the question is more complicated, because the Sag-Aftra union actually represents big names, but in 90% of cases, first of all set of minor performers, extras and stunts who often find it difficult to have a permanent job and a decent salary.

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This does not mean that they many “series A” actors, so to speak, who took to the streets in recent days to demonstrate solidarity and common purpose. Already last month the names of the caliber Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Rami Malek, Fifth Brunson From abbot elementary, Julia Louis-Dreyfus AND Amy Schumer they signed a letter urging the Sag-Aftra negotiating committee not to compromise just to reach an agreement.

The accident actually came true, and now they pickets almost everywhere in front of offensive studios. The solidarity also comes from the last red carpets that could be organized before the final stop, such as Barbie in London last Wednesday:I support all unions and am part of the SAG so I will definitely support them” said the main character. Margot Robbie on this occasion. The next day the main characters Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt AND Florence Pughleft the London premiere to join the protest.

But many physically descended on the demonstration with their colleagues: on the streets of Hollywood in recent days, they saw a very ferocious, as usual, Jane Fondahis old colleague Lily Tomlinmain character Ted Lasso Jason SudeikiBrooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatrice. Other performers like Jamie Lee Curtis, Mark Ruffalo, Jessica Chastain, Cynthia Nixon, James Van Der Beek (Dawson from dawson’s bay), Keke Palmer, Viola Davis, Patton Oswald and many, many more have used their social media to spread their messages of protest and heighten the resonance of this destined-to-infinity actors’ strike.

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