Actors strike and Venice Film Festival 2023

At the moment, no one really can say whether Alla was Venice Film Festival there will be the greatest actors in the world, i.e. those who (American or not) work in Hollywood and are therefore enrolled in this actors union which is currently in strike along with the screenwriters. Union rules forbid making films for studios or promoting those films, so no interviews, no red carpets, nothing. Exhibition Director Alberto Barbera waiting to receive from the aforementioned unionpermission to promote at least for the actors of independent films, that is, those not produced by Warner, Universal, Sony/Columbia, Paramount, Disney, Netflix and Prime Video. In fact, these are the entities against which strikes are being made to extend the contract, and not independent entities with which the plaintiffs have other contracts and at the moment there are no problems.

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And the actors of independent films presented in Venice are certainly not small ones, such as Penelope Cruz and Adam Driver for ferrari Michael Mann or Jessica Chastain for Memory Michelle Franco. And then there are American actors who have starred in foreign films, such as Lily James, the star Finally dawn Saverio Costanzo. They, too, should be able to make a promotion no problem, because these films have nothing to do with the studios. At least that’s the Barbera line. It actually seems much less easy than that. The directors of other festivals, which precede Venice in the calendar and are therefore already facing the same problem, report that it is not easy to obtain these promotional permits, even if the studios have nothing to do with it, because however, many actors are reluctant to promote out of solidarity with other co-stars.while others don’t want to promote an independent film at a festival that also has films from big studios (and therefore make it indirect).

So the spectrum Venice Film Festival No Stars of the highest level, but only with directors (at least with those who are not yet an actor, such as, for example, Bradley Cooper for his Owner on Leonard Bernstein) and European if not Italian names and faces (big Europeans like Penélope Cruz or Stellan Skarsgård, as already mentioned, arewritten to the American Union because they often work in Hollywood) is specific. Of course, a complete tragedy was averted. filming. In fact, there was a possibility that, unable to use actors to promote the most important films, they decided not to participate in the Festival at all and postpone everything until the end of the strike. So it was with Applicants, a new film by Luca Guadagnino (produced by Sony/Columbia) with Zendaya. The film was supposed to open the Festival, it was also already announced, but the events of the strike prompted Sony to move it forward to the spring, which means abandoning the already announced participation. Fortunately, it was the only film: all other films, with or without actors, will be.

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The most adventurous edition of the last few years, even much bigger than the 2020 edition, which had everything cut down, everything cut in half and removed, but we were confident that we would find it would still be great. There Exhibition 2023 produced an exceptional program in which some of the world’s greatest directors (Pablo Larrain, Michael Mann, David Fincher) cross paths with some of the world’s least respected directors (Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Luc Besson) in which most of the details (Shinya Tsukamoto, Quentin Dupier, Yorgos Lanthimos and Frederic Wiseman) cross italian cinema very large sizes, which promises entertainment, and not just glow, as usual (Slowly author Sollima, Commander De Angelis e Finally dawn Saverio Costanzo, co-production with America). Most surprising, and perhaps most likely, is the presence of Pietro Castellitto in competition with Aeneas, his second film. This is no small gamble, one can imagine that the film will be destroyed because Pietro Castellitto is not a conciliatory figure and is not suitable for all seasons, and Italian films in competition they always carry more weight than all the others, but they are also a testament to the great personality of the exhibition. Like the presence DogMan Besson, also in competition, signals that this is more than just an entertainment film for the Venice Film Festival and that Besson is not just a European blockbuster.

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