Actors’ strike threatens to postpone the release of Challengers, Blue Beetle’s plans remain unchanged

While the release date of The Challengers may be pushed due to the currently ongoing actors’ strike, Warner Bros. Discovery has made no changes to plans for Blue Beetle.

Actors' strike threatens to postpone the release of Challengers, Blue Beetle's plans remain unchanged

The actors’ strike will make it impossible to promote upcoming films in the presence of stars and according to new rumours, some titles are at the center of assessment regarding a possible postponement of the release date, including challengersby Luca Guadagnino, E blue beetleProject by DC Studios.
The first to reveal the rumors was Puck’s Matt Belloni who claimed that talks were underway.

movie status with zendaya

According to the reporter’s sources, Luca Guadagnino may have proposed to Amazon Studios to push the release date of The Challengers, which is currently set for September 15. In addition, on August 30, the project will open the eightieth edition of the Venice Film Festival.
The impossibility of bringing in Zendaya and other young stars like Josh O’Connor and Mike Feist would make it really difficult to effectively promote the film.
In addition, the Euphoria star also received millionaire fees due to red carpet appearances and online popularity ratings. The amount received then depends on whether Zendaya is involved as an executive producer. His absence will partially nullify the heavy investment made by the production team. Amazon has not, as yet, responded to requests for comment on the possible date slip, leaving the matter pending.

Blue Beetle: Fans’ fake viral marketing campaign accuses Warner Bros. of not promoting the film

No change of plans among DC ranks

It seems to have been a decision instead by DC Studios and Warner Bros. Discovery, who, despite the lack of promotion, preferred not to change plans for distribution of Blue Beetle.
The release is scheduled for August 18 and the protagonist of the feature film, Xolo Mariduena, explained to fans a few days ago on Instagram that he will not participate in any promotional events, although he invites everyone to watch the film by going to the cinemas. . Appreciate the work of all those involved.

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