Actress Ariel Winter is cut the tip of a finger, throws it in the trash and almost lost


The american actress Ariel Winter has suffered an unfortunate mishap in the last few hours that he had to go urgently to the hospital. The protagonist of Modern Family he shared with his followers what happened to him while passing the confinement with her boyfriend.

I was premiering a few knives new

“I wanted to try new recipes and I had cut four onions without any problem with a few knives new,” began to relate one’s own Ariel Winter about this event, produced while they made dinner. “When I started to chop a tomato peeled, I cut my thumb,” he continued explaining.

The seriousness of the issue is not here, because, a priori, there are many types of cuts in the finger. However, to see that the finger started to gush blood without ceasing, both were left in shock, and is that the actress had cut an artery. The Alex Dunphy on the popular series went on relating the facts, explaining how it was his arrival at the hospital.

He threw the bag with part of the finger to the trash

The situation could not have been resolved in such good shape, since Ariel Winter threw without wanting to the tip of your finger to the trash, something that they managed to save: “My boyfriend took the tip of my finger to the hospital and gave it to the nurse. She gave it to me to me in a plastic bag without telling me what that was, so I dropped it because it was full of blood and we had to return to take it out of the trash. It is funny to tell but in that moment…” said about that night.

Some of these cases, fortunately, are simply anecdotes like the one that decided to share Ariel Winter. Could not miss the visual reference to his thumb, completely bandaged after being stitched up in the hospital. In addition to this remedy, we also applied a number of shots so that you can recover correctly at your home in the next few weeks.